HAVN Little Marseille Gin, MRS, Belgian Premium gin, Mediterranean herbs, coriander, clove, santolina
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Little Marseille

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Product Description

HAVN has launched four different gins in the flavours and fragrances that represent the four corners of the world. Gins that, through their flavours, take you to different places, different customs, rituals and people.

43°17’43.1″ N⎜MRS⎜5°22’25.7″ E

Allow yourself to be caressed by the warmth of a setting, copper sun on your skin as you smell the Mediterranean herbs and olives in the port of Marseille, during long nights full of pervasive herbal touches.

Perfect Serve

  • mediterranean tonic
  • fennel
  • thym
  • rosemary
  • black olive