HAVN Little Antwerp gin, Belgian gin, premium gin, mini, rhubarb, cinnamon, star anise
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Little Antwerp

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Product Description

HAVN has launched four different gins in the flavours and fragrances that represent the four corners of the world. Gins that, through their flavours, take you to different places, different customs, rituals and people.

51°13’36.0″ N⎜ANR⎜4°24’50.2″ E

Come home in Antwerp, where the black cast-iron pots are bubbling on the stove, full of Flemish rhubarb and comforting aromas and recognise the soft sweet touch of vanilla and cinnamon.

Perfect Serve

  • mediterranean tonic
  • rhubarb or raspberry (according to season)
  • Star anise